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I have one Destiny Beta key code left.

Who wants it?

I’m going to give away a Destiny Beta code for Xbox One. The beta goes live very soon.

If you want the code, give me the best reason of why you think you should have it!

Either message me or reply here for a chance to win it.

Good luck!


Super Mario

Created by Leonardo Milani


Nintendo Pixel Design Concepts

Created by eivven


How many of our PS3/PS4 followers are ready for the Destiny beta today? This little sheet edited by reddit user Pwnigiri from the /r/DestinyTheGame subreddit may help you find out when your codes will unlock.

Unfortunately Xbox users still have to wait until the 23rd/24th (Depending on location) for their beta, and I’m assuming the start times will be the same on that date but we’ll keep you posted on it!


Pika-Power by jerrynowlin

$11 and available for the next 24 hours at Teefury

The Xbox Live Summer Sale has come and gone and I managed to grab a few oldies but games that I (surprisingly) haven’t played yet.

I managed to pick up
Fallout 3
Elder Scrolls - Oblivion 
Silent Hill HD Collection (i’ve played 2, but not 3)
Bioshock 1 & 2

What did you guys get? Anything you might have missed the first time around?


Limited Edition BLOCKHEADS Print Series

These awesome blind box 5” x 5” prints created by Drew Wise feature cubed characters inspired by our favorite games! These are giclée prints on watercolor textured paper and are available for 1 week only, ending July 21, never to be sold again. Pick yours up at The Yetee in three purchase options:

1 Print = $10. This gets your one limited edition print of a random design. Packaged in series one exclusive envelope.

4 Prints = $35. This bundle gets your four limited edition prints of random designs (no duplicates)

16 Prints = $135. The COMPLETE set. This bundle gets you all 16 prints, plus a yet-to-be-revealed bonus secret print.

And check out the cool Promo Video!

Xbox live are having loads of deals on a tonne of games. I just bought The Elder Scrolls Oblivion for £3 and Dishonoured for £5.

If you own a 360 and want to get some really cheep games, nows the time.
Grab em while you can!

Bigby Wolf - by AcerSense 

"Two things confirmed today, 1- The ending for Wolf is indeed amazing. 
2 - We are a bat shit crazy, out of our minds insane game company” Kevin Bruner - Founder of Telltale Games

The season finale of The Wolf Among Us is live now on PC, PSN, Xbox Live and iOS, and boy, you are in for a treat.